13th Mar, 24

Better Selves

I wrote this after a poor customer service experience with the company I pay to service my heating boiler. The so-called service took place yesterday, March 12th. The company clearly has serious issues with its practice that it needs to address.

Better Selves - 13 March 24

As human beings given the circumstance and to a greater or lesser degree, we become detached or distanced from our better selves. From our moral selves and centre.

Like a photograph out of focus. We become two. We become the person we really are and a version of us that shouldn’t be there. The more out of focus we are, the more distance there is between the two versions of us.

If or when that happens, our betrayer becomes our behaviour.

Our behaviour deteriorates and that shadow of who we are does things we know we shouldn’t be doing. We do things that conflict with our conscience. Things that conflict with our better selves

If we are willing to hurt the world around us and those people we encounter in it, our behaviour is our flag and betrayer and it tells the world how ill at ease and disconnected we feel.

The way we behave with each other says everything about how we see ourselves and what we see as our place in the world. It must be the case on some personal level we feel that if we do not behave this way we cannot succeed.

At its root it is fear-based behaviour and personal insecurity.

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