Some knowledge is life changing

Learning how to manage and direct our thinking when life gets tough can be the most valuable lesson we ever learn.

The trigger for this website was the diagnosis of a brain tumour.

In practice, professional coaching is a guided positive conversation and there are times when a positive conversation is something we all need. The subjects covered in The Guide provide the platform to deliver professional coaching here.

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Behavior Change

The Guide       Free to Download

The Guide is an 8500 word booklet introducing the core psychological and philosophical subjects ‘in play’ whenever we face challenges.

It considers the foundation knowledge necessary for coaching. Subjects such as our behaviour, our confidence, our imagination, our social identity, the self, the ego, our self-esteem, our self-worth, our belief systems and more.

Life Coaching for Individuals and Groups

Step one, work through the contents of The Guide. This can be done as a group or individual; online or face to face.

Executive Coaching for Teams and Individuals

The situation dictates the model of delivery for executive coaching. Being embedded in teams for significant periods is not unusual.

face your biggest challenges

Coaching helps individuals to build a conscious appreciation of what is happening
within them when things get difficult and how to choose a path out of that difficulty.

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