Better Selves

13th Mar, 24

I wrote this after a poor customer service experience with the company I pay to service my heating boiler. The so-called service took place yesterday, March 12th. The company clearly has serious…

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Positive prompts

16th Dec, 23

The ones that make you feel good about yourself. The ones that keep you on the right side of your conscience. The ones that might involve you stepping out of your comfort…

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Time to try again

17th Jul, 23

After a period of ill health, it is time to ease myself back to work. Part time until or unless I can prove to myself I am capable of more. It has been a…

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A dose of my own medicine

29th Jan, 23

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a positive and focused person. Somebody with good self-discipline, and have been my whole adult life.

Like everything, there’s a reason or a…

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I’ve become the old man of my childhood

25th Sep, 22

Do you remember that period in your life when you were physically small and looked up at adults? That period in your life when you were half the height of an adult…

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My most valuable life lesson - learning how to centre myself

15th Jul, 22

These are personal reflections. The pieces of jigsaw that came together for me and it is important to emphasise the mundanity of it. Nothing extraordinary, just time, effort, study and focus. 

To help…

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When it comes to everyday life or business – only fundamentals matter

21st Jun, 22

Key performance indicators are not confined to a business setting. It’s a model we can all use in everyday life to help us understand our situation at any given moment.

Spending more than…

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And the truth will set you free…

21st Feb, 22

I used to work with a chap who loved proverbs and he would wander around the office on a daily basis sharing these little nuggets of ancient wisdom.

It’s what we are scared…

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Vision and Values – what’s the point?

14th Jan, 22

If you want to come into my home, I say what goes, I say what is acceptable and what isn’t. I set the rules. Is that unreasonable?

What about businesses and organisations of…

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Behaviour is everything – and Boris is the perfect illustration

14th Jan, 22

Like him or loathe him, putting to one side your political standpoint, Boris Johnson is certain to be a figure of historical importance. It is easy to imagine discussion and debate in the classrooms…

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What is executive or business coaching and mentoring?

26th Nov, 21

My guess is that anyone who has done this kind of work for long enough would agree that these situations pretty much always start the same way:

- The personal development of individuals…

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What is life coaching and mentoring?

23rd Nov, 21

Sometime ago I read a fascinating and beautifully written blog on the subject of loneliness…and it got me thinking.   

Given the right or ‘wrong’ circumstances, within each of us is a void.…

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It’s nice when people say nice things

18th Oct, 21

Recently I finished the mentoring contract I blogged about in March this year, helping people to set up in business. Helping them to critique their own idea, to deconstruct it and reconstruct it…

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Living outside of your comfort zones

2nd Jun, 21

I cannot remember how old I was. I think I was 19 or 20 when I applied to join the Fire Service at Chester where I grew up. I passed the entrance…

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The year of The Idiot - what a year

28th Mar, 21

March 2021, the anniversary of lockdown. The year we were told by our elected government to stay at home. What an astonishing thought.

At 57 years of age I consider this to be…

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Self-Employment Mentor

11th Mar, 21

You keep going until the good news comes. You keep moving in the direction you choose. The setbacks will come, count on them. Get yourself organised, get your ducks in a row.…

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The Brain Charity – Liverpool:

17th Feb, 21

When first diagnosed, one of the things I did was to look for support groups and I found one in Liverpool. It was run by a different charity but held at The…

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Channelling anger for good

17th Oct, 20

As we come out the Covid pandemic, many people will need help. Many people will need the reassurance that everything they want from life is still there for them and can still…

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Coaching in the news

5th Oct, 20

Interesting articles appearing today at the BBC and across the broadsheet press:

“New jobs coaches will help people back to work. The Jets scheme will help those laid off during pandemic, chancellor to…

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The Parallel Universe of Tumour Treatment

17th Sep, 20

From the moment of diagnosis you enter a different place. Exactly like that movie where the actor pushes their hand through what looks like the wall of a blurred bubble and having…

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“But little by little you start to analyse yourself and accept that maybe you made some mistakes along the way.” Rafa Benitez – Telegraph July 3rd 2020

15th Jul, 20

By any measure Rafa Benitez is a hugely successful human being. Currently he manages a professional football club in China. 

This after significant success in every country he has managed a football club.…

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“The realisation that life is short…”

21st Jun, 20

Is there a more important life lesson than this?

Jessica Gallier was 26 years of age and had recently become a mother when she received news of the death of her father. He…

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“And nobody, nobody knows what is going to happen to anybody” On the Road - Jack Kerouac

18th Jun, 20

The last paragraph of the last page. Jack Kerouac wrote this classic book to say this one line. You can feel it when you read it. You can feel the build up…

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