15th Jul, 20

“But little by little you start to analyse yourself and accept that maybe you made some mistakes along the way.” Rafa Benitez – Telegraph July 3rd 2020

By any measure Rafa Benitez is a hugely successful human being. Currently he manages a professional football club in China. 

This after significant success in every country he has managed a football club. Spain his home country England and Italy. And if Real Madrid is considered the biggest club in world football then Benitez can rightly say that he reached the top in his chosen profession?

Self-awareness is a fascinating subject. How often have we looked at someone and thought their actions or behaviour was self-defeating or self-limiting? 

How often have we spent time with someone and come away thinking…’not for me’? 

But how much more difficult it is to recognise the flaws we have within ourselves?

The key to self-awareness is neutrality. 

By definition, our behaviour in any situation is positive, neutral or negative. Or, more likely, a combination?

The key to success in terms of self-awareness is to keep our positive and neutral behaviours and where possible, to move away from our negative and self-defeating behaviour. 

At the very least, we want others to be neutrally affected by our presence. Far better that than others feeling unnecessary negativity toward us.

Of course, we must do what we have to, we each have our everyday responsibilities and it would be incredibly naive to think we can please everyone? Perfection isn’t an option, self-awareness is the option and managing our behaviour the objective. 

Managing behaviour is akin to sailing a boat. The adjustment is constant and we must be mindful of it.


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