21st Feb, 22

And the truth will set you free…

I used to work with a chap who loved proverbs and he would wander around the office on a daily basis sharing these little nuggets of ancient wisdom.

It’s what we are scared of most, the compromises we make, the lies we tell ourselves, the weaknesses we keep falling to, the way we feel and the way we pretend we feel. It’s all in there and we know it.

Being positive is a wonderful thing, but positivism is crippling. Not everything is positive and pretending things are good when they are not is simply lying to ourselves and all it does is delay the inevitable.

If coaching is about anything it is about the journey toward authenticity and the courage to be who we really are. The challenge is the price we think we’ll pay. 

By not being honest with ourselves, we predict the future negatively. We presuppose that our courage and integrity will backfire. But we underestimate the leap forward we make. It can take a lifetime to embrace the truth, but when we do, it does set us free.


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