14th Jan, 22

Vision and Values – what’s the point?

If you want to come into my home, I say what goes, I say what is acceptable and what isn’t. I set the rules. Is that unreasonable?

What about businesses and organisations of all kinds and countries even? Is it reasonable that the people responsible for the wellbeing of those entities and the wider community within them set the rules and say what goes and what doesn’t?

At the time of writing there is a huge amount of fuss surrounding Novak Djokovic and his efforts to play in the Australian tennis open. The world tennis number one has found himself in conflict with the Australian government and the law relating to coronavirus. Today, despite winning the first court case against deportation, the news is that the Australian government is again taking steps to have him deported. The situation led to him being held in isolation at a detention centre with conditions seemingly so bad, his mum accused the Australian government of torturing her son. 

All joking aside, as an England cricket fan, based on the performance of the England cricket team during the current Ashes series, I think Joe Root’s mum could level the same accusation against the Australians on behalf of her son.

I have no idea what the law is or whether it is good or bad law. But I am sure that the nation that is Australia is bound by it. So, forgive me for my simplistic view, but if Mr Djokovic wants to visit Australia is he not bound by the same rules as everyone else?

At some point or other, every one of us disagrees with something that is happening within our home our workplace or the country we live in. And hopefully we have the space to disagree. And having disagreed, if we are lucky, we have a choice. Having made our case we can stick around and be part of something greater than ourselves and contribute to making things better or we can move on and look for circumstances that are more suited to our own vision and values.


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