28th Mar, 21

The year of The Idiot - what a year

March 2021, the anniversary of lockdown. The year we were told by our elected government to stay at home. What an astonishing thought.

At 57 years of age I consider this to be my third life. My first life ended at 17 years of age with the death of my mum. My second life ended age 50 years with divorce. Each life has had its own challenges and for me, lockdown has been the equivalent of comfortable solitary confinement. An experience I wouldn’t want to repeat.

As I reflect, it seems to me that in my 57 years, when it comes to the rules for living, nothing much has changed. And speaking for myself, I have come to the conclusion that my number one rule for living is that: 

Whatever happens, immaterial of circumstance or situation, your mind needs something to think about and its best if you make a conscious choice of what that is, because left to its own devices the mind can and will go to some very unhelpful places?

Today I finished reading a 570 page novel by Dostoyevsky entitled The Idiot. It has taken me weeks to read and I have to say that at many points along the way I know who felt like the idiot. But today it feels like a huge achievement. I consider it one of my biggest lockdown achievements.

It’s a fascinating thought that the mind can be considered a separate entity to be instructed and I would really like to know what percentage of us believe that to be the case.

Have you directed your thoughts during lockdown? Have you chosen what to think about, what to focus on and what you want to achieve?


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