11th Mar, 21

Self-Employment Mentor

You keep going until the good news comes. You keep moving in the direction you choose. The setbacks will come, count on them. Get yourself organised, get your ducks in a row. Metaphor everywhere.

The first contract of my new venture is here and I couldn’t be happier.

Is self-employment a choice? In many cases it seems to be as much about personality as it is about opportunity or necessity. Given the choice, how would you prefer to work?

Based on the 2008 credit crunch, we have yet to see the impact of the Covid pandemic on business failure and unemployment. Pent up demand and unspent money may see the economy recover quickly and here’s hoping so. Looking back at the credit crunch, the stand out feature seemed to be ‘the tail’ or legacy which continued four or five years after the event.

This time, circumstances are different. This time, as opposed to a shortage of money and credit in the economy; the world of work has changed. Much infrastructure and travel has been exposed as unnecessary and it is hard to see such costs being accepted again. It will be interesting to see what ‘the tail’ of the crises looks like this time?

For those embarking on self-employment, two things are certain. Their behaviour and marketing strategy will be core to everything. Of course, behaviour is core to everything for all of us all of the time, immaterial of employment status.

How will you behave, how will you get your idea to market from source to fulfilment, what will be your competitive advantage, what process will you follow?

I cannot wait to get started.


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