17th Oct, 20

Channelling anger for good

As we come out the Covid pandemic, many people will need help. Many people will need the reassurance that everything they want from life is still there for them and can still be achieved?

Anger could be one of the defining characteristics of our post-Covid world. We won’t know until we look back on the experience; by which time the emotional and economic impact will be clear, the deaths, the personal debt, the job losses, Long Covid, the impact of non-Covid medical interventions lost or postponed and the disruption to education? 

We cannot see it now but it is hard to imagine it won’t be there? 

For those feeling negatively affected, helping them to channel their anger could be one of the biggest opportunities they have.

Anger is energising and focused on positive objectives can and does lead to success. 

The key always is to focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. And to follow the positive prompts that come with that focus.


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