5th Oct, 20

Coaching in the news

Interesting articles appearing today at the BBC and across the broadsheet press:

“New jobs coaches will help people back to work. The Jets scheme will help those laid off during pandemic, chancellor to tell Tory conference”. 

“Jobseekers will be offered coaching and advice on moving into "growing sectors" as part of a £238m employment programme, the government has said”. 

“JETS - Job Entry Targeted Support is aimed at helping those out of work because of Covid-19 for three months”.

When things get tough, the biggest challenge can be keeping your mind in the right place. It is so easy to feel overwhelmed, to lose confidence and direction? And it is equally easy to develop an exaggerated reaction, the world is against me persecution complex…

The best version of who we are is the version that best serves us in any situation. The question for so many of us is, who is the best version of us?

Can you honestly say that you know who the best version of you is? The behaviours, the attitude, the world view, that human being at ease with themselves who is able to roll with the blows and keep heading in the direction they want to head?

The positive, forward thinking, managed risk taking human being that is you?

Coaching is all about these life skills, the developed self-awareness and emotional intelligence that more and more of us will need to help us through the pandemic.


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